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“Through giving we can become better disciples of God. We can have our hearts and minds transformed by and through the giving process. And we can learn to experience the wonders of both joy and love through the act of consistent, intentional giving.” ~ Rev. Chris Kirwan

Great Expectations: Giving

Part 4 of 4 What do we expect of TPC members? Studies have shown that when certain expectations are set, it helps others develop their own group of rules and boundaries. It gives a sense of accountability to others, and creates goals for which to strive. In this series, I’ll discuss what the expectations are […]

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Giving is important. One might even go as far to say that giving is essential in life. But giving for the right reasons is as important as the act of giving itself.

Giving in Gratitude

Giving is a word that can mean many different things these days and take on many different forms. Some people hear the word and automatically cringe. Others might hear it and get a certain sense of pride, joy, and contentment. Some people have even turned the act of generosity and giving into an occasionally-questionable business […]

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Better to Give than to Receive

Gifts can be great expressions of love, or they can be a great burden of responsibility. The process of gifting all starts with a thought. It requires, as a first step, thinking of someone else. By thinking of someone else, and only thinking of someone else, does the gift-giving process truly begin. After that initial […]

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