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Getting Resourced: Humor

While there are many internet resources for serious theological study and contemplation that I’ll be sharing with you later, I thought it would be fun to point you to five great Christian humor sites in this edition of Getting Resourced. 1. I have to start this list with my personal favorite: This is the […]

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Getting Resourced: RELEVANT

RELEVANT magazine is “The Magazine on Faith, Culture and Intentional Living.” If you are interested in exploring the intersection of faith and pop culture and are in your 20s or 30s (though they do cover plenty of issues that would appeal to baby boomers and seniors), then this magazine is for you. The name RELEVANT […]

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Getting Resourced: BibleGateway

I carry a small device in my pocket that has the capability to access the entire world’s knowledge with ease. Seeing as you’re probably using the same technology right now, I can understand if you’re not impressed. But can you imagine how unbelievable that would sound to someone living in the 1800s? They would think […]

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