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Firm in Faith

Faith is tough to gauge and frequently hard to detect, at least from the outside looking in. How firm is our faith? There are events, situations or outcomes in life that will strongly test our faith and maybe even push it to the brink. The longer we live, the more chances and opportunities we have […]

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Persistent Patience

There have been moments in my life where my patience has been pushed to its absolute limit. There have also been times where my patience has run out and I have given up or thrown in the towel. Was I proud that this happened? Absolutely not. But proved to be a good teaching moment for […]

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How Much Faith is Enough?

Who among us does not want more faith? Just think of the infinite possibilities having more faith could provide us. More faith would seemingly make us immune to doubt: the doubt of God’s presence in our lives, the doubt of wondering if God hears our prayers, or the doubt if we truly will get to […]

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