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Support our Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen construction as of 7-30

Construction status as of 7-30: Floor is complete, cabinets are partially installed.

The renovation of our church kitchen is nearing completion and we are excited about having a new facility where we can serve our congregation and community.

We have been blessed with an abundance of contributions, including project management, labor, equipment and cash. However, the project is still not completely paid for.

Here is a list of the specific items we need to fund and the status:


Item Cost Status
Propane stove $2,748 Fully funded
Griddle for stove $76 Fully funded
Stainless steel tables (two needed) $364 each  Fully funded
Commercial dishwasher $4,196
Microwave $350  Fully funded
Cabinetry $10,450
Mica countertops $4,500
Stainless steel countertops $1,950  Fully funded
Flooring (materials and labor) $3,000
Rollup pass-through door $500


We also need contributions to cover the cost of general materials, electrical and plumbing work.

You are invited to make a contribution to cover all or part of the specific items above or to support the general expenses.

Please make your check payable to TPC and clearly mark it “kitchen renovation [plus the specific item you would like to fund, if any]”. You may place your check in the offering plate or send it to the church office. Online donations may be made at; click on “kitchen renovation” in the drop-down menu next to your donation amount.

In addition to these financial contributions, you are invited to support this project at our kitchen renovation shower on Saturday, Sept. 16, 11 a.m. Cost is a shower gift. The church is registered in two places: Bed, Bath & Beyond, any store or online (check under the name Tuskawilla Church or registry number 544963888) and Restaurant Equipment World, 2413 N. Forsyth Rd., Orlando, 407-679-9004. Please make your reservations for the shower by Sunday, Sept. 10 at

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Dwight or Barbara Walters, pappapist @

Check back to see the status of the contributions.


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