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Getting Resourced: Humor

Andrew Mills PortraitWhile there are many internet resources for serious theological study and contemplation that I’ll be sharing with you later, I thought it would be fun to point you to five great Christian humor sites in this edition of Getting Resourced.

1. I have to start this list with my personal favorite: This is the most respected source for fake Christian news. If you appreciate the satire offered by The Onion and have a basic understanding of broad evangelicalism, then you will absolutely love this. Some of my favorite articles include: Botched phrases indicate pastor’s lack of cultural savvy, Man starts church for jerks and Woman wonders, ‘Will I be fat in heaven?’.

2. If you are looking for a clean stand-up comedian (a scarce resource in the world), look no further than Tim Hawkins. Several short video clips of his performances are available right here. He will be performing at First Baptist Orlando on Friday, Feb. 21, 2014 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available here.

3. If you enjoyed our recent bulletin blooper which said “The love of Chris has brought us here”, then you are sure to get a laugh out of this list of bulletin bloopers.

4. Similar to bulletin bloopers, sometimes worship leaders mess up and accidentally say something heretical. Here are a few of those blunders.

5. No Christian humor list would be complete without some funny church signs.


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