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Fruit Seeds

Most of us like some sort of fruit. But though fruit takes us a few minutes to consume, it takes a lot longer to produce.

It's important to realize that anyone is fully capable of planting and sowing seeds and bearing fruit. - Rev. Chris KirwanAll the fruits we enjoy eating began their life as a tiny seed which grew into the tree, bush or vine that ultimately produced the fruit—a seed that someone planted, cultivated and harvested.

We are members of a church family because at some point a seed was planted within us. Perhaps someone mentioned their own love of Christ and how much it has transformed their life. Maybe we were dragged to church by our parents or spouse, in an effort to help nurture and cultivate that seed that might be there. Or perhaps a seed of curiosity was planted in our minds or hearts from another source.

Our individual faith all began with a seed from somewhere, someone or something. We should be aware of that fact and try to be intentional ourselves about returning the favor of sowing seeds and bearing fruit for others.

Seeds are sometimes tricky: Sometimes they sprout and grow quickly, but other times it takes a great deal of sowing for a seed to stick. We might not see the fruits of our own labor or know how much of an impact we have had one someone until many years down the road—if we even get to see the fruit at all.

We must not become discouraged or frustrated when it comes to sowing seeds. We cannot let failures or bad crops inhibit us from wanting to bear fruit and sow seeds with others.

Think about the world might look like if we were to stop sowing seeds. Would it be desolate? Hopeless? Joyless? Loveless? I don’t know, but I do feel the world would be much darker and much worse off than it is now.

In fact, I am convinced that all of this violence, all this senseless killing, all this lack of empathy, compassion, and love is the direct result of someone receiving some bad seeds or no good, fruitful seeds at all in their life. Someone, somewhere had to tell them or plant within them the notion that taking someone’s life is ever justified. Someone had to, at one point, plant the seed that revenge should be what we seek when we are in pain and mourning, as opposed to love and forgiveness. Someone had to plant within them the seed of fear that they should not trust anyone different from them, or that everyone is out to get them.

It’s important to realize that anyone is fully capable of planting and sowing seeds. Seeds do not have to come from a fully mature adult or Christian; or from someone who has been a lifelong Christian, or even only from Christ Himself. We all can sow seeds and bear fruit, and in doing so we also grow in our knowledge and understanding of God.

Think of things that have displayed immense growth in the world. Most companies, countries or organizations did not grow substantially until they bore fruit that others wanted to consume.

For Facebook, it was a way to connect friends, both near and far and share information and have a place for people to express their true feelings. By providing this fruit the company has grown large enough to attract millions of users.

With the church, it began with the 72 messengers being sent by Christ, and even the disciples and Christ himself. Jesus Christ ventured from town to town, sowing seeds and bearing fruit in as many ways that he could: extending love to those among the margins, healing the sick, the lame, and tending to the poor and disenfranchised. From that time, the greater and universal church has grown exponentially due to the fruit it has shared and the seeds it has planted. It is with that certain growth that I hope the world can be the recipient of our positive, loving, hopeful, forgiving and delectable fruit on a daily basis.

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