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Fort Blackmore Mission Trip: We’re Off!

By Andrew Mills

TPC Student Ministry Director

Fort Blackmore Mission Team 2013

Sunday morning seems like a blur now. Everyone showed up at church wearing their new blue Mission Discovery T-shirts, the cars were quickly loaded, a team photo was taken and, before we knew it, we were already at our first rest stop. Were we packed? Yes. Were we all there? Yes. But were we really ready yet for what is in store for us this week? Time will tell.

In fact, our team has already faced adversity. At one rest stop, Harrison Hullinger really wanted a soda. After carefully putting in his money, he accidentally hit the Diet Mountain Dew button instead of the preferred full-sugar version. He was devastated and there was nothing he could do to stop the unwanted soda from popping out.

Mission trips can be like that, when we come with our own expectations and agendas instead of being open and ready for whatever the Lord has planned for us.

Sunday evening, we arrived safe and sound at a hotel in South Carolina and received a briefing on our project. We will be serving an elderly woman who has some health issues and is in a wheelchair. The wheelchair ramp to her house is in desperate need of repairs. Additionally, we will help fix sagging floors in her home, add steps to the kitchen and paint the outside of the house.

The painting team includes Harrison Hullinger, Dawn Reed, Karen Gray, Phillip Peeples, Rockne Keyek, Jake Sonnie, Colby Brockman and Louise Milloy. The repair team includes Brian Brown, Bob Gray, Sundi Bales-Frank, Nathan Rudgers, Kathy Vogt, Gail Davis and Andrew Mills.

Please pray for our teams by name throughout this week as God works in our hearts and through our hands in Fort Blackmore, Va. Pray, too, for opportunities for us to share our faith in love with those whom we encounter throughout the week.

Click here to see the Fort Blackmore trip photo album. We’ll be adding pictures regularly.

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