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A Prayer for Las Vegas

Great and compassionate God, have mercy on us. Again, we wake up to a story that feels like déjà vu: The loss of innocent lives, the chaos, the tragedy, the senselessness of yet another violent act—this time in the city of Las Vegas. For those people, we pray. We pray for families that lost loved […]

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We are a people that are called to pray

Answering Prayers

Responding to a “pew to pulpit” question: Why does God sometimes seem not to answer our prayers? God knows more than we ever possibly could, which means we will not always know what God is considering, implementing, and working on when it comes when it comes to prayer. We know with a certainty that God […]

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In the face of violence, we pray for love, for comfort, for healing and for peace.

In the Face of Violence, We Pray

Once again, our world has been confronted with more acts of violence, and we pray. We pray for the families, loved ones and colleagues of the two police officers who lost their lives serving and protecting the citizens of Kissimmee. We pray for the Kissimmee Police Department and all officers everywhere who put their lives […]

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