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Be Prepared

We are called to be prepared for when our Master returns.

christian-belief-intersects-with-everyone-tuskawilla-presbyterian-chris-kirwanYet that should not be our sole goal. We should also be preparing and equipping ourselves to be better disciples, and by doing that, we are teaching ourselves to intentionally seek and find God in everyday, regular, seemingly mundane moments in our lives. We are learning to adapt to the unexpected and see God in the moments of joy as well as the moments of sadness and monotony.

We need to prepare ourselves to encounter a world in which God is at the center. We need to train and condition our senses, our minds and our hearts to be open to encountering God whenever He appears.

We should strive for a life where our Christian beliefs, faith and way of life intersects with everyone and everything we encounter, pray for, think about and do in life. This enables us to see God and hear God no matter where we are, no matter how noisy the world gets.



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