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A Father’s Dilemma

Notes and thoughts on Rev. Dr. Dan Williams’ message June 29, 2014

Rev. Dr. Dan Williams


People in crisis tend to organize their worldview around some promise of immediate help or the hope for some “good luck.” But as Christians, we shouldn’t depend on luck; we are told to depend on our steadfast faith and obedience to God’s commands.

Obedience does not guarantee that there will be no pain or struggle. What it does is guarantee that God will not forsake us.

When God called, Abraham obeyed. That was faith in action. Today, more than ever, we need the faith of Abraham.

God will provide no matter what the challenge before us may be.

Scripture: Genesis 22:1-14; Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-12, 17-19, 39-40

Rev. Dr. Williams also addressed some of the recent actions that occurred during the General Assembly. Click here to read the blog discussing those issues.

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