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Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church (TPC) is a bunch of regular people who get together to enjoy our relationship with God and each other. We are a community made up of people who are single, married, divorced, remarried, widowed, crazy rich and dirt poor. We love to meet new people.

You are welcome in this place. Are you looking for a church? An hour of peace? New friends? Something else? We are all searching for something. At TPC, we join together and support one another in our searches.

Our doors are open to everyone – from those with pacifiers in their mouths to those who remember the Great Depression. We don’t care if you’ve never stepped inside a church or if this is your first visit since little Susie’s baptism. We promise to do our best to make you feel at home.

Our home is filled with educators, devout readers, retirees, single parents, young families trying to make it in the world, food enthusiasts, marathoners, athletes, bakers and jewelry wearers. We are also beach lovers, gamers, travelers and coaches. We are vegans and people who love some good old-fashioned barbecue.

We welcome those who are in recovery or are still suffering. We welcome those who would rather be golfing. We welcome tree-huggers and deer hunters. We welcome farm families and city folks. We offer a special welcome to those who came because grandma was in town and you want her to think you go to church.

TPC is a place where you are already loved. You are loved not because of your righteousness, good looks or superb intelligence (by the way, we think you do look great and are really smart). We love you because we are trying to follow the Way taught by Christ. Join us on our wonderful journey.